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New Paltz Takes Home Opener 33-14 over Burke Catholic.

Have to start by saying congratulation to our New Paltz Football team for a nice win over Burke Catholic 33-14. They played with a lot of heart came back from a couple early miscues and took it to a good Burke team. Keep working hard guy's, practice hard, listen and play with heart and stay tough.

For those that have sponsored and joined as members or just donated , A BIG THANK YOU !! The team will be reviewing game film on HUDL with the fine camera action of the new endzone camera the boosters purchased. Adjustment can be made and the guys can learn. So thank you all.

For those still that I'm still trying to reach, could always use the help in finding old players, coaches , cheerleaders, drill team members, coaches , alumni and businesses that would like to join this booster club and help keep this program competitive.. Trying to reach out to the 60's, 70's 80's, 90's and 2000's players to join as members. Remember the fun you had playing or watching in the fall old New Paltz High School football. Let join in a give back a little each year to help a great program..

Thank You ,

Al Bonagura and The NPTCB Board.