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Fundraising Underway

Hello Members, fans, and Alumni,

Just a quick update on our fundraising efforts thus far for the 2017 Football season. We did a nice can shake that did very well, next we did a March madness pool for "ADULTS" only, that was also a success, we did a nice car wash that the public came out and had their cars washed by the board members, and team members that also went very well. We just finish a GREAT SPAGHETTI DINNER hosted by the wonderful Elk's Club of New Paltz in support of the team and the team waited on all the customers. They all worked great together. Next on the agenda, the team, coaches and board members will be working "RIBFEST 2017" at the Ulster County Fair Grounds, hope to see you there.

Lastly, Aug. 14th the fun begins with the first day of practice for 2017 Football Season. " GO NEW PALTZ "